Building is the process of turning vision and plans into reality. The following is a description of a "typical project" from start to finish:

Step 1: Scheduling. Once an agreed upon scope of work and budget are set, your project is put on "The List". Depending on how busy we are this may mean only a short wait, other times it can be a while. We will keep you updated on the schedule.

Step 2: Utility Locations. If needed, the Locating Service(s) is called to mark the site for utilities such as gas, phone, electric, etc. Sometimes location of other utilities and/or a property survey will need to be completed prior to work starting.

Step 3: Site Review. The designer and crew conduct an on-site review to discuss the vision, scope and details of the project. If possible, you are encouraged to attend this walk-through.

Step 4: Site Preparation and Demolition. This can be quite noisy and messy. We do our best to limit any inconvenience to you and your neighbors.

Step 5: Installation. The art of our profession emerges in performing the work. Our pursuit of beauty can inspire new ideas that might result in outcomes even better than envisioned. We will discuss with you, and obtain approval for, proposed changes.

Generally we complete the work in one continuous period from start to finish unless multiple phases are planned. We conduct regular assessments and review progress with you to assure that when we are done everyone is satisfied.

Step 6: Payment. After a final site review we prepare paperwork to account for the work performed. Usually we collect full payment shortly after the work is completed. Our practice of not collecting money up front reflects our belief that we must earn your trust and confidence in our ability to produce results that are clearly worth the investment. On large jobs we may make arrangements for mobilization and/or progress payments.

Notes: For your protection, we are fully insured and our employment documents are in order. We have highly skilled and trained personnel as well as those who are just learning the trades but everyone will be able to answer your questions or will find someone who can.

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