We are a diverse group of people who are passionate about designing, building and helping maintain beautiful spaces, places and things. While our main business is "landscaping", we provide a broad range of services to a large client base. We always want to talk to, and meet, hard-working and self-motivated people who expect the best of themselves and their co-workers. Following are some of the benefits of working at Fresh Aire:

Available Positions:

Residential Landscape Construction Team Member

Residential Landscape Management Team Member

We are always looking for good people... please feel free to send a resume and cover letter by clicking here anytime!

Competitive Pay
We pay either hourly or salary wages weekly that are comparable to, or somewhat above, industry averages. We want to be one of the top paying companies in the state and you might help us get there by proving your exceptional value to our clients and your co-workers.

Paid Time Off
Employees earn paid time off at the rate of .05 hrs per hour worked - This equals 100 hours per 2000 hours worked. It can be used for sick pay, personal time off or as extra income.

We recognize everyone's personal situation is unique. Within reasonable bounds, if you can be a productive member of your team, we will do our best to accommodate your needs in a mutually acceptable way.

Employee Owned
Fresh Aire is owned and operated by its employees. Our longer term employees have an opportunity to participate in the shared risks and rewards of building and owning a part of a successful company. Jobs pay wages, but long-term ownership can build wealth.

Open Books
We share financial information and educate our employees about how the business works, everyone's part in it and how those who are willing to work for it can earn more.

Profit Sharing
When Fresh Aire is profitable, we distribute a portion of the profit amongst employees by the end of the fiscal year. In the years when things go well it can be a significant amount. This is not a "bonus", it is a potential part of your earnings for helping Fresh Aire take good care of its clients.

Good Works
When we are successful we want to share some of that with others through contributions of time and/or money to causes we value.

Collaborative Work Environment
Our management processes are based on everyone's voice being heard. We encourage people to speak up and participate in a civil and respectful manner in every aspect of the company. At times it slows things down but we believe we get better participation and outcomes in the long run.

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